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Marketing a house for sale.Having a home to sell can be very...

Marketing a house for sale.

Having a home to sell can be very stressful so making use of the best tools available for the job can be very advantageous.

The two tools We recommend are YouTube and Istockhomes. Http://

To start is a listing site designed to list houses and properties on, as for sale.

Need help getting people to your open house?At Istockhomes...

Need help getting people to your open house?

At Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. we can help. Listing a house for sale or an open house on istockhomes is free.

Now, if you want us to help promote your listing or open house we can share it for you using our social media channels, connections, “friends” and more.

We can do this for a flat fee of $250.00

First ImpressionsWhere does the first impression start?Is it the...

First Impressions

Where does the first impression start?

Is it the handshake? A firm grip, taking the position of the upper hand, nicely manicured cuticles. Placing the left hand over the right to reinforce your dominance.

Is it the glistening watch nicely placed on the wrist, or maybe your beautifully polished shoes. No, that would be the first face to face contact.